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Each year, Kids Cancer Care assigns a spokeskid to share stories of courage and hope and to put a face to the families affected by childhood cancer.

Meet Nyah, our 2024 spokeskid. Nyha had always been a gifted athlete. By age nine, she had steadily worked her way up to the top teams for her age group. Soccer was all she ever imagined for her future. But all of this changed in 2017 when Nyah was diagnosed with leukemia. She was 10 years old and had just started grade five.


After months of chemotherapy, radiation, and two relapses, Nyah underwent a bone marrow transplant to destroy all the cancer cells. While she is now cancer-free, she has developed a serious medical condition known as graft-vs-host-disease (GvHD). GvHD is a condition that occurs after transplantation when the donor’s healthy immune cells recognize the patient’s body as foreign and attack its cells. For Nyah, GvHD showed up in the muscles surrounding her ribcage, restricting the expansion of her ribcage and her ability to breathe. No wonder she’s always exhausted.


Ever courageous and resolute, Nyah tried to keep up with sports in the beginning. But after four years of intense cancer treatments, she had fallen too far behind her peers and had to give up her dreams of soccer.


Fortunately, Nyah found hope and healing in Kids Cancer Care where she has found a community of youth who are walking a similar path. Through Kids Cancer Care’s camp, PEER exercise, and teen leadership programs, Nyah is rebuilding her life in the wake of cancer. These days, she’s focusing on her studies with the hope of one day becoming a pediatric oncologist.  

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